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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

We take you privacy and data protection seriously we have to both by law and through our own experiences we hate junk email as much as the next person. This page explains in simple terms our obligation to you to both comply with data protection requirements and to reassure you of our commitment to respecting your privacy.

Who is a sole trader organisation offer a listing service on community web may be referred to in this document as “we” or “our” for example “We ensure our processes comply”

What may hold and process data about you you as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 1998) and the General Data Protection Regulation due for introduction in 2018 (GDPR)   data held includes such information as:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • email address
  • Telephone number

This data is only held where you have consented to provide it in order to access advanced features of this site. Additional information stored may include automatically collected information such as:

  • Operating System OS,
  • Browser Type
  • Geographical Location
  • IP address from the device you access the website.

NOTE: all payments made via this website are processed via PayPal a third party service that has their own Policy DPA policy’s. We do not store any of your payment information that PayPal use other than to confirm payment success


This information is stored within a database specifically designed for the purpose


We need this information to allow us to grant you access to advanced features of this site in order to provide an enhanced user experience. The data is also used and or processed when you log on to your account and to assist in protecting your account from unauthorised access.


You provide this information to us when you create an account or register to use the advanced features of this site.

Explicit Consent

As part of the registration process you are required to give explicit consent that you allow your data as described in “What” to be processed and used in order to serve you with advanced features of this site


We process you data to ensure that your account and associated functions from the advanced features of this site are presented as you expect and to protect these same functions from unauthorised users. Additional Data may also be used to process visitor statistics in order to allow development of the and its features to  ensure we can best meet  your needs as a user

Opt out

During the registration process you will be asked to explicitly consent to allowing you data to be processed as detailed above if you opt out of this consent some or all of the advanced features of this site may not be accessible.

Subject access request

It is within your right to request a copy of all the data / information we hold about you to do so please contact us via email requesting “Subject Access Request” and provide us with your registered user name and email address. The data / Information held will only be released to your currently registered email address.


It is within your right to request and have all data relating to you to be removed by us. Removal means the complete removal and not archive. Should you request removal some or all of the advance features of this site may become unavailable to you and re-registration will be required including new explicit consent to process your data as detailed above.

Third party sharing

Other than providing a payment link to PayPal we will not share your personal data including your email address with any third party unless instructed by a court of law to do so.